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Monday, October 10, 2011

Road Trip

Nordic Hertiage Museum

 My buys at Weaving Works-those are cones of bamboo
We are back from Seattle and yes it did rain, but not very hard. The first thing we did was pick up our son and take him to the Nordic Museum http://www.nordicmuseum.org/, It is located in the Ballard section of Seattle which is where many nordic people settled. It is located in an old school building and is three stories tall. Very interesting, check out their website. I was interested in seeing Margaret Bergman's weaving work. They had an area with her loom and on the wall behind it were her textiles. She had a coverlet that was made in two pieces and sewed together with everything matching and the seam just barely visible, wonderful. If you don't know about Margaret Bergman, just google her name and you will find a little bit about her history as a weaver.  Our mother was a Norweign and I found the info about when many Norweigns came to the United States. I know that our family came when the United States offered free land in the midwest and my mother's grandfather came at that time and stayed in the Midwest. Many Norweigns came to Seattle instead of staying in the Midwest because it reminded them of Norway. Now this is terrible to say but I figured that my mother's family came here because they were as poor as church mice but the museum said that the people who came at that time were landowners in Norway, in other words the middle class. Because of the cost of coming, the poor were not the ones who came, interesting, Sorry mom for all those things I thought about our ancestors.
We also visited Weaving Works.http://www.weavingworks.com/. It was stuffed with yarn and more yarn. I bought a little bit home with me. I also got a new temple and fabric wash. I really needed more money.
Of course we had to stop at Goodwill in Seattle, Trader Joes and the Asian market. We found things to buy everywhere we went! Later I will show you my buy from Goodwill.

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