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Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Win/Garden Art

Every year the RSVP volunteers are given a luncheon. This year because of budget cuts, the luncheon downsized to a dessert bar. They also have tickets for door prizes and this year I won 2 of them. First was a folder with all fifty new quarters on a map and the second was a hand knitted sweater. The sweater is wool and was knitted by one of the ladies in the Project Warm-Up group. Project Warm-Up is a group of ladies that knit or crochet and make hats, scarves, lap robes, afghans, etc. for the many agencies that provide for people in need. Every year they knit or crochet about 6,000 things. The sweater has fish buttons and little fish swimming on the bottom which looks like waves. Also on the back of the sweater is a knitted anchor. And it fits too.
I am including a picture of some more garden art. I thought my sister might like this idea. It is a shovel with a birdhouse on the top of it.
 Sweater front with fish buttons-it is on Millie the Mannequin. I
rescued Millie from Goodwill, but she didn't have a stand.
The next time I went to Goodwill I found an IV stand that just
fit her, perfect.

Sweater back-see the fish swimming at the bottom.

 Close-up of the anchor-this sweater is really a blue color

 Birdhouse on a shovel-you can see some
beds in the back that we grew some little
pumpkins on-ignore the weeds, that's
what I do

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