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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starting a Rug

I would love to see what Diana is working on with the pickets, get that computer working! I have finished warping my Hammett and I had to get some of the wool yarn into balls from hanks. So I spent some time on that today. I probably won't get to the weaving until this weekend because we have our youngest grandson everyday and I don't get much done while he is here-I have also promised that I would play "Puss in Boots" on the Wii tomorrow.  I noticed that Diana is busy cleaning out, I know that because she has asked us if we want some things. So that must be one of her goals this year. I have thought about some goals too and yes I need to clean out some things too. Some of my other goals are: 1. selling something that I have woven, I have given away, donated and kept all the things that I have woven, but I would love to just sell one thing. So I will have to get busy and reopen an www.etsy.com store or go to bazaars this next year. If I go sell at bazaars, I will have to make some things that are inexpensive, because I think that that are the only things someone here will buy. 2. My other goal is to take a weaving class. I am thinking about going to www.weaversschool.com. It is in Coupeville, Washington on Whidbey Island, a very pretty area. This is the school started by Madelyn vanderHoogt.  So there are two of my goals. Yes I could made more but I will stick to just these two.
These are the colors that I am going to use in
my wool rug. I may throw in a little red too, I
haven't decided about yet. (sorry it is
going the wrong way, but I think you can
still see the colors)

This is the tag on the yarn. I bought it on


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