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Friday, January 20, 2012

Indeed winter is here

shoveling has been the beginning of the day here...it snowed all day yesterday and finally quit so the task has begun.   Some pathways done, and upper and lower deck, but no pathway to the tool shed or compost pile or my little gardening shed......it will have to wait while my toes unthaw.   I had boots that I think I owned since 1965 and finally tossed them last year and I am bootless......tennis shoes just don't get it.   I so wanted to take a photo of all the quail I have been feeding but they are very camera shy.   I think I might have to go back to work so that I can afford feed for them..........................have loved seeing my sister's posts on here...Amy's weaving is so beautiful.....and like when she shows off her finds out there....I loved the little frogs...I have many and just might put them on here if I ever get into my shed again.   

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