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Saturday, December 31, 2011

winter projects

Amy, I love the new color on our opening page....and we need color during the dreary days of winter.   I have started a colorful project...and in fact it is all over the kitchen table...I took a photo and tried to post it here but nothing happened..and I suspect I need a bit of adjustment....when I took my computer in for repair there are a few things that are not right and this is one of them...but the guy did fix the problem..just created a few more......at any rate, I am painting......have 20-5ft. stakes with a  rounded pointy end, all over the table...yesterday I cleaned them with a wire brush and primed a few of them...today I have painted 5 of them like colored pencils and they are so cute...they will be put together with a piece of wood to create some trellises for our spring plant sale.....of course in the meantime we cannot eat breakfast or dinner there...is a mess...I need a heated workshop

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