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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Favorite Thing

Yes, we have snow, snow and more snow. I have shoveled 3 times and probably need to do it again. I had to remove some from our foundation since we don't like water in the basement. I have had trouble with my weaving of the wool rug, broken warp threads and more broken warp threads, so after I finish about 5 more inches, I am going to cut off this warp. I am going to just use the linen for weft, since it didn't work as warp. I have started to warp a scarf from the yarn that I bought this summer in Seattle. It is going to be a shadow weave. I have never done a shadow weave, so this should be interesting. I will post pictures when I get a little further. The other day all three of us got together for lunch at Diana's house. She made a great lunch and a dessert to die for-as I drove down her driveway I thought she should have put up a sign that said, "Quail Crossing," since I had to slow way down and watch out for the quail, they ran back and forth oner the driveway. I started a line a long time ago about some of my favorite things and I am continuing this by showing the vanity that we installed in our main floor bath. It is the cabinet of my grandmother's treadle sewing machine. And here is hoping that the power is restored to my sister and nephew who live over on the westside of the mountains. The paper says that it may take several days until they have power again.
The little stool  fits just inside the treadles and it is there for
my grandson.

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