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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas cards

Amy already mentioned the cards I made that have a packet of hot chocolate inside but I thought I'd show another picture. I found the idea on line but failed to note where. Sorry about that. Anyway, they are made from a piece of 12x12 scrapbooking paper that is heavier than the just printed paper kind and are cut approximately 4-1/4" wide by 11"long and are scored at 5" and 10". These measurements are approximate so if yours is a 1/4" larger, that's okay. Fold  paper on the folds, decorate the front however you'd like, stick a pack of Swiss Miss up under the 1" folded end, punch 2 holes (use a 1/8" or 1/4" punch) about 1" apart and about 1/4" down from the fold through the front, the hot chocolate mix and the back of the card. Thread a ribbon (about 12" to 14" long) through from the back, tie on a jingle bell and tie ribbon into a bow. Fold the front up and tuck it under the top so it looks like a matchbook. I liked making these so much that I made 30 of them!

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