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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Little Present

These are a couple of Asian dolls that I got at a
yard sale. I love them. They appear to be vintage, but
I am unsure how old they are. The have some stains but such
This little doll was made by Diana and was
a Christmas gift a few years ago. Her clothing is
made of felt with yarn hair and a little heart mouth.
This one was made for my daughter when she
got her job. It was made by a woman that
I worked with about 25 years ago. My daughter
thought she was a little creepy, I thoughts she was
great, so she is at my house.
I am sure you have seen the commercials about getting a new car for Christmas with a beautiful red bow on the top and the commercials about getting diamonds, "He went to Jareds!" Well I haven't got any of those things but I do have a really big cold. I haven't had a cold in years, but now that the Christmas season is here I feel like just sleeping. So not much weaving going on here, I am almost finished with the warp of bibs, but I am unhappy with the selvedges. So I thought I would show you my small collection of dolls.

Wait these aren't dolls, these are my grandsons. 

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