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Monday, March 26, 2012


I seem to have problems getting photos on here...I managed two of them but had another that I wanted and it simply sat there and would not finish loading up....well I don't want to brag too much but all this loot was just a tiny bit of the nice birthday lunch I had with my sisters on Saturday...the photo I could not load was a bottle of maple syrup and some meyer lemon pancake mix....the syrup was in such a pretty bottle and looked a bit like a fancy booze bottle....I can't wait to taste and I don't want to share...is this not nice?..Thank you Wilma.......now check out the photos I did manage......my sister Gail made this little travel trailer ...out of fabric!!!..it has spools of thread for wheels...and of course she made the card too and it matches the trailer and wishes me travel experiences in my future.....hope that part comes true...thank you Gail....xoxoxo
And this photo does not do justice to the treasures that Amy gave to me....but part of it was a sweet little make up bag and in it was this wonderful compact with the message that this lady received it from a college graduation gift in 1945........Amy found it at an estate sale.....there was more including some nice bath good smelling stuff......we all had lunch at the Holiday Inn and I took photos of our meal and sent one of them...the Monster Club Sandwich to a website at the Herald Republic where you can showcase something good served locally.

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