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Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Yard Art

Real Maple Syrup

The bird seed is put in the top and the funnel
inside distributes the seed. You can
see a plug in the top of the feeder.

Scarf and bird feeder
My sister has been making some yard art to sell at the Master Gardener's plant sale. I thought she would like to see a bird feeder that the husband of one of my friend's made. We are taking the bird feeder and my handwoven scarf to the state convention of an organization that we belong to. We are hoping to sell tickets to win them and make a little money for scholarships that we give for students going into education. I am also including a picture of the bottle of maple syrup that our other sister brought for each one of us. Diana has already had some pancakes with the syrup but I haven't opened mine yet, I will be opening it soon. On the loom I am continuing the red and black shadow weave scarves and have started a warp for the rug loom with black warp. Hoping to make a couple of rugs for our living room.

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