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Sunday, March 4, 2012

One of Those Days

I started my morning by starting our income tax. Not my favorite thing to do, luckily we have a very simple form. Then my husband wanted to go to Home Depot and take our van camper. We haven't been driving our camper this winter, although my husband has been starting it. So first we went to Petco for some dog food. Then we couldn't get the camper started again. My husband thought it was because of water in the line but the tow driver thought it was the fuel pump. We were close to Burger King and it was lunch and the tow was going to be a while, so we had lunch. Then I called my son and he came and got me and the dog and left my husband to wait for the  tow. It took 3 hours before he got home! They had to send a tow truck from a town 30 miles away! While I was at home alone, I got started on tying on the next warp for the next shadow weave, this one will be red and black. I also have just a little left on the IPad warp and so I am weaving off on it.
Tell next time,
These are some super cute envelopes that my sister gave
to me for Valentine's Day. I am not sure what I am going
to put in them, but I will think of something.

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