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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Advancing twill

I started an advancing twill scarf and I made a mistake. In my defense the mistake was really in the directions. Since I am not that good of a weaver, I didn't realize my mistake until I wondered why I had 8 extra threads. I should have looked carefully at the draft and I would have seen why I had 8 threads left over but I thought everything looked good, so I removed the 8 threads. Then after weaving a small sample, I knew I needed those eight threads. I corrected the draft, cut off the sample and added the 8 threads. Now I can restart my scarf. I also have a roll of placemats that need to be cut and sewed. These are the ones that my husband made. We also celebrated New Years by eating an orange that my husband grew on his orange tree. That probably wouldn't be so unusual if we lived where orange trees grow but this is an indoor little tree. We do take it outside when it is summer. By the way, the orange was delicious and we have another that just needs to get a little bit riper. Today we are babysitting our grandsons and they are outside playing with the neighbor girls. I love it because my 6 year old grandson calls them, "the ladies." I don't know if that is what they told him to call them but I think it is cute.
Happy New Year,
Our orange, just before we picked it.

Looks good doesn't it, but if you look carefully you can
see that the pattern isn't centered. 
Roll of placemats

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