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Thursday, January 3, 2013


especially hard this year....so dark, so dreary...little sun it seems and snow and ice everywhere.......but that should make us work harder on all those projects that we need to start or have already begun.    My hubby passed away on November 29th and much of my days have been filled with activities that center around this bad time...so many thank you cards to send out and haven't even begun the 'business' part of this time in my life......I am reading a book right now called There's More to Me than I've Used Yet and it says never refer to our spouses' dying as "I have lost my husband"....we know exactly where they are...not lost........at any rate one of the projects I have been working on are sock puppets made out of his socks.....needed 14 of them to pass on to all the grandaughters in the family...and they are done and properly labeled too thanks to my sister Gail, who made wonderful labels with the title "Papa Puppets"...Thank you Gail......and Amy, loved seeing that orange growing in your house and of course so proud of all your weaving...lovely......

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