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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Woven Bags

I think that every granddaughter will love "Papa's Puppets." They will cherish them and remember their grandfather.
The blue ones in the back have a handle that is sewn
from the bottom all the way up. Those 2 blue ones will
not have a closure on them, I am leaving them open. The others
will have some type of closure. 
I need to get busy finishing up some of my woven things, I have rugs to hem, placemats to hem, bibs need bias binding and 5 bags that need various things finished. Some need closures, some need handles and they all need lining inside. I have been avoiding this because all the linings have to be stitched by hand. I really hate to stitch by hand and I may still try to machine sew a few, we will see.

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