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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

This little lady was given to me by a friend. I think
this looks like me. She even has glasses.
There are things on her that represent my
teaching time and a little woven
piece on her right shoulder.
This is a sweet collage that my sister made. Yes that is
a cupcake but it also has some special family things on
it too. Sweet enough to eat!
My husband took the picture and I don't know why
he put him up like a kangaroo, but I think you
can get an idea of how he looked. 
Merry Christmas! We have cleaned the house and tomorrow our oldest son will be coming over the mountain pass to spend Christmas with us. Our other two children live in the same town we do, so they will be over too. I am hopefully that the pass will be okay since it is snowing here, which means it usually is really snowing in the mountains. I haven't checked the pass report on the net, I will do that tomorrow. I want to show everyone the little armadillo that I made for my sister. She collects armadillos so I made one from the book"Weaving a Zoo." I know that Amanda from www.weave-away.blogspot.com has made some of the animals from this book, but I was just interested in the armadillo. When my grandson saw it, he wanted one, so I made two of them. 
Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas, Amy


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  2. Very cute armadillo!! I love it!! Good job!! They sure are fun, aren't they? I gave a few of my nephews (and niece) some armadillos this year.

  3. The armadillos were very cute. My grandson and sister both liked theirs. Not sure if I am going to make any other animals, but I loved the book and the story of her making animals for 18 years.