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Friday, December 21, 2012

Check these out

Hoping I am able to post some photos here for show and tell....how lucky I am to have sisters who are so gifted...true artists....we have lunch about once a month where we share ideas/gossip a bit, solve world problems and bring supplies to share....we all do some crafting......this month was our Christmas luncheon of course and look what I got!!!   My sister Amy and along with her hubby are weavers....beautiful weavers....he wove the fabric and Amy created the sweetest purse for me...check out the big fat red button and zipper for the closure...I love it....and Gail is a paper artist and created a huge box of handmade cards...but how can I send them off to others when I want to keep them all myself...and last and it is a tiny thing, Charlotte made lapel pins for us and she began with a big button, strung on some beads and glued and wooolaaah...I have a special piece of jewelry......

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