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Friday, September 28, 2012

Weaving School

My husband has converted our 2 harness Hammett loom to a
4 shaft. This picture isn't very good but you can see the
lamms that he made.

This is a scarf that my husband just started on the little
4 shaft that sits in our living room. I like it but think
brown would look better.

Henry and his best friend, Gunnar.

Gunner in front and Henry in the back.
I am packing to go to Madelyn van der Hoogt's weaving school in Coupleville, Washington. One of my goals this year was to take a weaving class and this one is located about 4 hours away from my home. So my husband is going too and we will be spending a week. I will be weaving and he will probably be taking his metal detector somewhere and looking for things. I wear a blackhill's gold ring on my finger, one of his finds. We will be leaving Sunday. My neice is taking care of the dog and cats. Speaking of dogs, when we come back from Coupeville,we will be taking my son's dog to our house. We have been taking care of him everyday while my son works and now the dog thinks my husband is his owner. Amy

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