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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Camping Weekend

This teardrop is so lite that she can pull it with her Santa Fe.
Isn't it just too cute and so well done with stainless steel on
the top. 
Yes, I have been weaving-I finished 3 scarves on my Rasmussen loom and have wet finished 2 of them. But this weekend my husband, our dog and I went to Lodgepole campground and stayed from Friday until today. We went with our neighbor and her 2 dogs. We had beautiful weather during the day but last night we had a big storm, lightning, thunder and rain. Of course two of the dogs hated the weather and one of them was ours, she just doesn't like loud noises, so she usually sleeps on the passenger seat of our van camper, but last night she was tight against my husband's side in our bed. It was nice to sit by the river and just talk or read. I want to show what my neighbor uses for camping. She has a little teardrop camper. It has a double bed and a cooking area. It is so cute and a man in Seattle made it from scratch, it was the 44th teardrop that he has made.

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