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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Tools, I have a lot of them. I think anyone who works with any fiber has many. No I don't want to talk about my looms. And yes I have several looms. Today it was my sewing machine. I have a Bernina 1530, which I have had for many years. It is not my only sewing machine but it is my to go to one for everyday sewing. I have been having trouble with it for months but today was the last straw and I finally took it to the sewing machine doctor. On the front of the 1530 model is a tracking ball, a stitch selector. It is what I use to change any stitch, move the needle over, lengthen stitches or shorten them. But that ball has been harder and harder to move until today I could only do straight stitch. Since I was sewing a pillow, I really only needed a straight stitch so I thought I could do it but I needed to use the zipper foot and I could not move the needle over. So to the shop it went. I told the lady in the shop after this one is fix I would bring in the Baby Lock machine, another tool not working, don't ask. And yes we got another tool, it just never ends.

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