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Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting Ready for Sale

Busy twisting the fringe on this scarf

My husband is finishing up a run of rugs. He just finished
8 rugs for a friend, made from the pjs from her mom.

I am about to tie on another warp on the loom in the
dining room. This is the warp that my husband used to make
two scarves.

The gold tencel scarves are rolling on the beam. One is
done and I have about 20 inches done on another.
Hopefully these will be done for the sale too.

Some of my things laid out on my bed, ready to be priced.
This doesn't look like much, but we have several
rugs also.
Every morning I check out my favorite blogs and see if anyone has written anything new. Of course I always hope that many people have updated their blogs. But then I realize that I haven't written anything since January and I start to feel some guilt. So what is happening at our house. The biggest news is that Henry, the golden retriever, likes to bite his toe nails. We have never had a dog who did this. The good news is that we never have to have them clipped. But the bad news is that this week he chewed just a little too far and spent a couple of days limping. See this is why I haven't written much, nothing much is happening. On the weaving front we are getting ready for a sale on February 16.

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