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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sweet Peas!   Our Mom loved them and I do too and finally I could pick enough for a tiny bouquet this morning....I also think sweet pea is a nice name for a grandchild too, don't you?   I have been outside for about an hour and loved it...so cool and nice and so quiet....well quiet except for the dog under the tool shed barking at the skunks that live under there....she simply will not let them alone till they spray her and then she comes out shaking her head.   There was also the sound of a woodpecker but I could never spot it..suspect it was a Northern Flicker as they are seen here often.   I pulled so many weeds this morning along with spent California poppies.   Also dug one hill of red potatoes...they are so beautiful...and cut lettuce, picked sugar pod peas and a handful of radishes.   We will be eating gourmet today.

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