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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Little Wool, Hemp and Sunflowers

My husband has been weaving wool rugs from Pendelton selvedges. They are very colorful. I have taken the wool/silk off the loom and have started to warp some hemp. I think I am not going to have enough hemp to finish the towels, so I ordered some from a company in New Jersey. I haven't ordered from them before so I will see if what they send looks good for weaving. The hemp that I bought in Missoula cost me $60.00 a pound, but when Robin Spady put her hemp towels in Handwoven, she commented on how cheap the yarn was-well I found the company in New Jersey is selling it for what Robin said she had paid for it, $20.00 a pound. Big difference.
One special guy and the mini-sunflowers that he planted-I hope
to get some seeds to plant next year.

Look at those colors!
Keep weaving, Amy

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