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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Next Project

My next project isn't one that I picked by myself. When my husband was 6 years old, his mother died of cancer. This was 59 years ago. I had three quilt tops that she had put together, I am assuming in the 1940's. One was just a crib size quilt of butterflies and my sister finished it off for me as a wall hanging. The other two are about full size bed quilt tops. One of them has a purple edging around it. I casually mentioned to my daughter that I had it and she asked to see. After looking at it she asked me to finish if off for her. This really isn't my "thing", yes I have completed a couple of quilts but it isn't my favorite thing to do. But I agreed to do it. Now my biggest problem is that in the 59 years and having been washed, it has some holes in the seam lines. So my first job will be sewing the seams over to reinforce it. I am pleased that she wants something old that was made by her great-grandmother, but still this job isn't something that I enter with joy.
 MIL quilt top

Vintage fabric-maybe some flour sacks

However it has holes everywhere in the seams.
I am planning to sew all the seams again.

Sister's hand made purse-great job

I love handmade cotton dishcloths

My husband's jean rugs are rolling around the beam

One finished header and a start of a new rug
Also I want to tell my oldest sister thanks for the dishcloths that she made. I took a picture of the ones that I haven't used yet. I had given her some cotton yarn that I wasn't going to use in weaving but was just right for knitting and she gave me back dishcloths. So a big thank you. I have also included a picture of a purse that she made and what an excellent job with nice thick sides. However, I am not sure about the white color, black would probably be better around this house.  So another big thank you Wilma.

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