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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Warped Weekend

My husband and I spent some time warping this weekend. We started with getting the Hammett ready to do some more rag rugs. All went well with that warping. Next I was threading the Gilmore when I realized that I didn't have enough heddles on shaft 1. Yes I know that I should have counted the heddles but I didn't, so now I have left that for awhile. Then I purchased another loom, a Louet Kombo,  I had everything ready to tie on when I noticed that I had misthreaded. So it is sitting there.
Other news, my two goals this year were to take a class and sell something. I have achieved both of these goals. I attended the Weaver's School for a week and I sold my neighbor one of my weavings that I did at the school. My husband has also sold his first two scarves to a friend. When he gave the scarves to his friend, his friend said,"I didn't know they would look this good!" Well they did look good!
Little Kombo-I found the extension kit and ordered it
so I can make this little one into an 8 shaft
and still be able to take it to classes.
There was a nice article about the Weaver's School in the Seattle Times today. http://seattletimes.com/html/travel/2019515051_trcoupeville28.html

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