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Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm Back

I am back from weaving school. I spent a week at www.weaversschool.com. It was great, I wove 10 samples, made some mistakes, corrected some and didn't even see some of then until my weaving was off the loom. But even my mistakes were helpful in my learning. I learned about the use of profile drafts, something I have wondered about and were unable to understand until this class. I always wondered what a skeleton tie up was, something I didn't understand until now. I took the beginners class, which was exactly where I belonged, since I have never taken any class before.  I would recommend the school and it is in a beautiful little town on a island. You can't beat that. There were 10 students and 2 instructors, so a lot of individual attention. The school was opened from 8 to 8, instruction 10 to 4. I only stayed until 4 each day. I get tired if I weave too long and mistakes start to happen. I am not going to share my samples until I can share them with my sisters. We will have lunch on Friday, so next week I will show samples. But the pictures show a little bit of the studio and the little wolf pups that we wove on.

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