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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Traveling with the Grandkids

I love this wooden tree. It is made up of all kinds of "stuff."
Notice the spinning wheel on the left. Too cool.
I love those two kids too

This is my grandson driving the ox.
Just a little weaving picture, a runner that my husband made
with jeans.
Every summer we try to go for a couple of days with our grandkids and visit some of the children museums in our state. This year we went to Tacoma which has several museums located very close to each other. Our first visit was to the children's museum, the nice thing about this museum was that it did not charge admission but was donation only, so that any child could play at the museum. The museum is small but very nice and my grandsons had a great time. Our next stop was at the Washington Historical Museum. This museum was great but it is hard to see anything when you are with very fast children. The museum had a paper with pictures to hunt for things in the museum which was great for the reader and non reader. Our last stop was at the car museum. We didn't stay very long because they were having a big motorcycle rally there and it was packed. Great museum if you love cars, it is hard to look at some vehicles that were around when we were children and now are vintage! After 3 museums in one day, my husband and I were very tired. We always get motels that have pools and free breakfasts, another thing my grandkids love. We missed the glass blowing museum, maybe next time.

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