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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Slow Cloth

I love the look of the yarn all even on the back of the loom.

Doesn't look like a difficult weave. The warp of this is 70%
cotton and 30% silk. The weft is 55%cotton and 45%

Look at that texture
One of the Handwoven magazines had articles about making slow cloth. I think that I may have started some. I put a long warp on my little table loom which has been converted to a direct tie up loom. I am using a stick shuttle and doing a weave that makes me lose my place all the time. If that isn't bad enough about every 6 inches my floating selvedge breaks. So I am just going to keep plugging along with this warp but will probably start my hemp towels on the bigger loom before I finish this one.

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