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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little more weaving

This is a wool scarf-needs clipping and fringe tied.
I thought about calling these scarves on this
run "Fifty Shades of Gray"but actually there
is just one shade of gray
My husband has been weaving on the little Rasmussen loom. The pattern is from "Simple Weaves." He is weaving for pillows. He has had some issues and has already cut off a sample. I am going to serge it and wash it to see what size it will be finished. I am still working on the wool scarves and need to finish the fringe. We are going on a road trip this Saturday and coming home with a surprise, not another loom but something else. Pictures will follow showing my find. Amy
This is his sample-I think that he has a couple of extra picks
on it.

His pattern came from this book.

Page 102

This looks a lot better.

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