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Monday, April 29, 2013

How Much can you grow in a Small Space

I have begun my documentation for a garden project.   I am hoping all my photos and text will become a Power Point for next year's classes.   I built this sad looking box measuring 44 inches by 47 inches....that is just the size of the boards I found......it is small and now it is planted with radishes, kolrabi, beets, carrots and 2 bush cucumbers in the corner....I am hoping those cucumber seeds wait to come up when it is warmer.    And the netting?   Well that is because the big dog, Claudiam likes to dig in nice soil.   So that will come off when things come up.   It could be used for netting to keep birds away.   I should be using it in another area of the garden where quail are gobbling up the peas as they come up.   The scale is one I got from where I used to work.   The man I worked with said they found it in the 'bone yard' and gave it to me.   I intend on weighing all the food that comes out of this garden.   I also intend on planting it very densley and also do succession planting so there is never bare soil........stay tuned.   How much food CAN a person grow in a very small space?   I am going to find out.

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