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Thursday, March 7, 2013


My husband is doing towels, can you see a mistake here?

I am doing a scarf on the loom that my husband made a
couple of scarves. We just tied on and made them
blue this time. Very hard pattern, long series.
I have been very lazy lately, actual some people who know me might say that I have always been lazy. I have been weaving a little bit and doing some reading a little bit but that is about all. My house could use a good cleaning, it is not easy living with 2 cats and 2 dogs. It is a job just keeping up with the hair on everything! Those of you that have animals know what I am saying. It is a beautiful day today, yesterday it was gray and rainy but today the sun is shining and makes you think of spring. My neighbor has her crocus blooming. We need to plan what is going into our front flower beds since my husband removed some of our plants. My sisters and I got together this week to celebrate my sister's birthday and to do a little gossip. I made her a purse out of a Reader's Digest condensed book. It really isn't anything that you can really use but is a cute little piece. I am planning to make some more. I also sold two pillows on etsy, yeah.

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