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Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Time-No Post

My sister wondered where I was since I have not been blogging, but I am still here. I just finished 4 weeks of physical theory for my knees. I have old knees. I am not sure that the four weeks really did anything, I need to lose weight and maybe they wouldn't hurt, probably make my pants fit better too. I have been doing some weaving, weaving doesn't seem to hurt my knees and actually it is probably good for them to have the exercise. I finished off the red and black shadow weave scarves but have not twisted the fringe or washed them yet. I have the rug loom ready with black rug warp but realized that I needed more heddles, so I ordered some more but they are coming from Canada so I think it is going to take a little while. The rug loom takes 12 1/2 inch heddles, the longest I have ever seen. I found a couple of treasures at Goodwill and at Value Village this week and will leave you with a picture of them.
I found 6 unopened, still wrapped cones of cotton
ragg warp. It is a little big but I think will look great
with rugs. It has a little touch of poly for strength.

These are my shadow weave scarves just waiting for their fringes
I got three scarves on this warp, one of them just a little smaller
than the other two.

This is my find at Goodwill. Two kumihimo disks and some
bobbins and some little containers that can be used for kumihimo
or weaving. I got this for 1.99, great buy, beats using a paper

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